First Rock

If I was to loose you today,
I`d be forever cursed..
Cause you will always be,
and have always been my first.

You have taught me more than life itself.
You have loved me more than words can tell.
You have been there for me like no other.
You`ve picked me up each time I`ve fell...

I forever shall be yours.
Til death do us apart...
Til I can no longer breathe.
Til I no longer have a heart,

You`ve loved me when i had my faults,
you`ve loved me when i did u wrong,
You`ve loved me when I`ve been dishonest,
and you`ve been here all along..

You`re perfect to my taste...
My time you never waste.
You`re great, and funny, and make me laugh
You`re smart, and silly, and yet your serious.
And with all you are, I get delirious...

So tell me that you`ll stay a lil longer..
And we`ll leave it in God`s hands...
Let him take over
and continue with his plans..

Never leave my side.
Cause no matter how hard I try,
I will never forget you.
And without you, my life will pass me by.

You are all that I am.
You are all that I`ll ever be.
Do you understand now what I mean,
When I say you can`t Leave me?

by Arely Corral

Comments (14)

Very well written. I really enjoyed
High on the hill top The old king sits Nicely written with musical harmony. Sylva.
Lovely! The first stanza reminds of. nursery recitations.
.....a most fabulous and fantastic fairy poem, I enjoyed ★
This could be sung accompanied by a banjo and a mouth organ and hands slapping the knees! Enjoyed the sparkle in this poem
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