Dreams may be coloured
or black and white
small and shining
or big and bright.
Dreams may be
of people or places
of animals and nature
or just different faces.
Dreams may come true
or simple say a dream
but they form a part of the lives
of old, young and teens.
Dreams may be funny
and sometimes scary too
sometimes of maybe others
sometimes of maybe you.
Dreams can fill you up with hope
and sometimes take your sleep away
they can turm your life upside down
and then even show you a way!
Some people dream of simple pleasure
some of wealth
that can't be measured
Some people dream
when they sleep at night
some of them dream
whole day whole night.
Some dreams like clouds
have a silver lining
Some may be
dull and drab and boring.
Dreams can be emotional
and can make a person cry
they can be eye-openers
and make a person reason 'why'?
Dreams are the feelings
that stay in our subconcious mind
Dreams are the feelings
that the heart may never find!

29th January 1999

by Nitya Pillai

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Very well written. I really enjoyed
High on the hill top The old king sits Nicely written with musical harmony. Sylva.
Lovely! The first stanza reminds of. nursery recitations.
.....a most fabulous and fantastic fairy poem, I enjoyed ★
This could be sung accompanied by a banjo and a mouth organ and hands slapping the knees! Enjoyed the sparkle in this poem
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