KC (06 Dec 1960 / Hamilton Scotland)

The Fairytale Dance

Remember we danced through a fairytale land
The smell of perfume, the soft touch of your hand
I took you home on a moonbeam, across a star studded sky
To the place of our dreams at the end of the night

Now the moonbeams have gone, the stars no l, onger shine
The fairytale ends and the nightmare begins
No moonbeam rides across star studded skies
The place of our dreams now anchors our lifes

Where did we go wrong was it husband and wife
We could have stayed lovers for the rest of our lives

The stars have long fallen
From the black velvet skies
Moonbeams no longer shine in the pools of your eyes

And when we danced through our fairytale land
The smell of perfume the touch of your hand
Were we wrong to imagine it never would end
Were we wrong to imagine we, d always be friends

No moonbeams, no stars, no place of our dreams
No moonbeams, no stars only loves endless dream

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