A Alcoholic's Puppy Dog Happiness

I dog fooded long gone I home come
Miles high respect I for animal dumb,
He me look see I love him
Unconditional licking him no whim.

Dollars bring when he come born
Children million money look puppy see forlorn,
Joy in walls house paws thru door
Puppy love wants fooded for whining more.

Whining, more, name brain twisted will call Oliver
Oliver gobbled enough menu no deliver,
Licking frenzy children laugh sadness delete
Puppy dog happiness make family complete, except

If only his loving sloppy lick
Could rid my painful life, a drowning alcoholic
Puppy give life a happy kick
maybe one more drink will do the trick.

nb. Written in the style what alcohol
can do to the brain and start life's
spiral downwards.

by Ken e Hall

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