ANS (April 30th / New York)

The Faithful Puppy

He walks around alone at night
He has no food he has no shelter
It's getting colder everynight
But faithful he stays as he turns down all shelter and love
My master will come back to me this puppy dreams
So he waits there in the cold
He sits alone with those big brown eyes
He wounders what he did wrong
He was once warm, He was once loved
Now He can't feel his paws and his cold nose just runs
He was once so healthy and happy
He's now sick, He's now diseased,
But yet he sits waiting for his master to come back for him
He's master left him there thinking he'll find love
But never realized how faithful a puppy can be

The winter is now over
The snow has started to melt
They find the puppy frozen in the snow in that same spot
Those big brown eyes just waiting for his master
As they lay a warm blinket over his remains
These strangers shed a tear for the sad look in the puppies cold eyes
This faithful puppy died alone

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