The Fake Truth

I have you always in my mind
Even though I want to see your smile
I was left with no choice
but to avoid it
How long will it take me to hide the truth?

I know inside my heart, I was never content
There has been a song
playing in my heart desiring for you to love me back
How can you be so numb?

I know, I am wrong in hiding this
For I am afraid that you might notice
This delightful secret that I'm keeping all this time
Will it take longer for me faking the truth?

When I look at you, i don't know how you do it
because you always look back
It is your sweetest smile that got me.
That's the only thing I liked about you.

As the days go by, I am beginning to like you
more and more
It just seems that your smile is getting sweeter and sweeter
I feel like my heart was stinged by a bee

After all, I don't want to admit
That you have caught my heart
with just a single smile of yours
I know someday you'll discover
the truth I'm faking.
And I'll just keep the truth inside of me
by showing the fake truth.

by udontwannaknow really

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