The Fall

Madborn mortal in detached perambulation
Light upon three bound in spell incarnation
In assailment the rush comes to who will outlive
Hindmost the struggle cast him downward Dutch Cliff
In free fall down the wall through a cloud cover gap
The plunge came to pause in respite white room trap

From the dust you came
To the dust you shall return
Thine soul is marked for death
and death shall come to you
Those marked for the sword
die by thy sword
Those marked for famine
die by famine
Those marked for a fall
die by the fall
Tho ye walk with me in earnest
Thou shall not need be marked
Give thine steadfast devotion
and death shall depart

Storm, fear and fury gave way to submission
The plummeting lapsed on down to expiration
Rock bottom he reached with horrific impact
Still a carcass though deformed remained intact
Commission in mission the duty awaits
Given to Satan the contract initiates

by Mason Maestro

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