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The Fall Of Britain
VH (01/October/1984 / Widnes, Cheshire)

The Fall Of Britain

Poem By Victoria Hughes

The coldest winter since 1963
That's what's in store
The newspaper told me.

The MET office issued the warning
Black outs, heath problems,
Death, cold, bleak mornings.

A return to the three day week
Well that doesn't sound so bad
I can have a few extra days off
Build snowmen with my lad.

The future of the country
Depends on gas reserves
Companies will shut down,
Revenue will be lost
The whole country won't work.

We will all be snowed in
Without any heat,
Plenty of clothes to wear
But no food to eat.

Pneumonia, influenza
It all will be rife,
No hospital beds
Baby, run for your life.

If the futures that bleak
Then why the hell stay?
Come on Tony, tell me
Should we all just run away?

(C) Victoria Elizabeth Hughes 2005

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Comments (2)

Thats it! I'm out of here! lol Nice take on a typical Brit winter Victoria. 10 from me. A Brit by the way. Smiling despite the weather Tai
Why can't politicians just tell us it's all hunky dory? Plenty to time for recriminations when it's all obviously hogswallop. At least for a time we'll pretend to be cheerful!