The Fallen Elephant

Oh! What a pity
A wonderful Hero
He is gone
Without a notice

Out of all
You stood out.
In your chosen field
You cannot be shoved aside

The Elephant has fallen
Will He rise again?
The Elephant has fallen
All stand still

The Elephant has fallen
What happens next?
The Elephant has fallen
Let’s wait and see what happens next.

It is real
Yet hard to belief
The Elephant
He has fallen.

Let’s all rejoice
He left a mark, a legacy
Let’s wipe our tears
He has set a pace.

Let’s keep His memory alive
The fallen Elephant
What an adorable legacy
You left for all.

by Bamisaye Adeniran

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Comments (2)

Brilliant and most noteworthy for what it does not say.The loss is so great it leaves one speechless.10.
i find a rhythm of native tongue in this has its unique beat, u see...