The Fallen Majesty...

Poem By shruti ringe

Roared they,
Their majestic voice echoed..
Throughout the lush green jungles,
Birds, then flew in ado! !

They were the true kings,
sprawling with strength and grit..
enriching the jungle's beauty,
as if it were their duty..

Basking in the golden attention,
they roamed hither and thither..
their subjects hid behind the bushes,
seeing their attitude and valour..

Their aura makes us wonder
if they could ever be defeated! !
the mightiest shy away
from their strength and fearlessness..

Just then entered, the greedy beings,
with their hearts full of avarice,
the royal gems roared,
their majestic voice echoed..
throughout the lush green jungles..
but birds didnt fly in ado! ! !
mourned the subjects too
seeing the mighty figure immobile..
doing nothing with its closed eyes! !
All stood in silence...
seeing the 'Fallen MAjesty'...

- shruti Ringe

Comments about The Fallen Majesty...

I must admit you have a good use of advanced vocabulary! Very nice poem!

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