The Falling Of The Raindrops

The pitter-patter of the rain
Makes me wonder and think again.
Why is life the way it is?
Tell me; tell me answer me please!
Little children jumping in puddles
While others inside gather in cuddles
The pitter-patter of the rain
Makes life seems so peaceful again
While I lay in bed at night
The pit-pit patter of the raindrops fall light
Giving me hope that was gone long ago
They give me strength to carry on
I hear the pitter-patter - as I walk
Down life's long road - I have my
Blankets wrapped around me
So that the journey won't seem as cold
I keep on walking forward -
Each little drops helps me onward.

by Johncy Sara George

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Even better. Nice to see someone take the time to make it rhyme without making it sound like a jingle.