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The Falling Star

Stars are beautiful, stars are bold shining fragments scattered in the sky
Looking once again at the skies
I say this to my heart
'Cause beyond every shadow of doubt
I seek to find my star
Yes! That one shining fragment waiting to burst from within me
That one distinct piece that can silence every lingering shadows
Shadows of pain, Shadows of disappointment, Shadows of deception
And most importantly Shadows of loneliness

My star seems to be hidden
My star needs to be found
It feels locked up underneath a ocean perhaps buried beneath the Nile, like a pirates lost treasure
Lost forever within, never to be found again
But nay! ! I refuse, I envy
The ever glowing sky
Stealing the light that I wish to grasp just for a second
And in a moment, a flash, a second, a pause
As if the very sky heard my in depth thoughts
A star, yes a big glowing bright and beautiful star fell
The sky shared with me one of it's million treasures
It was my very own and only fallen star of hope

by Esosa Osagie

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