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Justice With No Lie
OW ( / Solihull, West Midlands, UK)

Justice With No Lie

Poem By Dave Alan Walker

We've got a family album
Like a family tree
A thrill to turn the pages
The pictures we can see

Starting off with grands and greats
Then slowly down the line
Like a book of history
A journey through the time

Fashions start to alter
Mustaches come and go
Ladies skirts skip up and down
A proper fashion show

Top hats change to boaters
To caps then none at all
Ladies bonnets disappear
And so does grannies shawl

Picture's change to colour
Black and white has gone
A different place, a different time
So much to look upon

But what is so amazing
Is the likeness we can see
Showing up the genes
Right through our family tree

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Comments (5)

nice poem. simple but sweet.
relatable and yet simple, it's a nice poem
Excellent poem and a flashback through family photo album. Thanks.
We are all respecting family tree and the poem is highlighted the relations.
I thought your poem was just the thing I was looking for. I am in the process of searching for my ancestors and this poem matched it perfectly. It kinda brings out the true meaning in life and the true meaning of family. Thanks for sharing you beautiful words. Heather