A Street Sweeper

He wears a white uniform
That belongs to the Municipality.
While sweeping he worries about the previous night's dream.
The garbage he raked turned into currency notes
But when he took those to the bank to get realized
All converted into garbage again.

*'Worldly values are never really going to allow you to feel at ease' the Buddha said.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (6)

I think it could be put other things in life as well. So many people don't think how disrespectful they are. You did a great job of showing this. Nicely done!
Herbert, this inside look into a pathologist's day is chilling...and there of course is that disconnect between the purely scientific look at a life (examining the victim under a microscope) and a sad, wasted life. Very well written Raynette
Scarlett, this is a true story. The Pathologist was presented in a one page summary of his greatness and achievements. He signed the report, of course and did not catch the gross misspelling of the victim's name. It was spelled three different ways (no it was not Eddie) and I think he didn't care. But if he did catch it it wasn't important enough to put that one small piece back into the puzzle, that little bit of dignity. H
Herbert, I see the sad waste of a young life, and maybe this poem will make someone think - when your body hits that slab in the morgue, none care. You just become an experiment, a piece of meat to be cut, then move on. How sad to see a life come to this. Scaralett
A cutting satire (no pun intended) . Gina.
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