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The Faraway Tree
AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

The Faraway Tree

Deep in an enchanted forest, grew a magic tree
Inside its trunk was a slippery dip so you could slide down easily
Atop its branches every day
A strange land blew in from faraway
And hovered for a shortish stay

There was Topsy Turvy land, that turned life upside down
Not So Happy Land, where everyone wore a frown
The Land Of Do As You Please was welcomed as a treat
But not the Land Of Clumsy Folk where everyone had two left feet

Or that very strangest land of all
From daybreak through to nightfall
Folk drew through a stick
Deadly fumes into their lungs,
And became quite sick

In this land the folk shunned clean fresh air all around
And if you climb the branches up from the ground
Of the Faraway Tree and arrive in this land
I suggest you slide down the slippery dip as fast as you can

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Insanity, no one in their right mind would slide down, when they can live in the strangest land of all, inhaling deadly fumes into their lungs, becoming sicker by the day, this is where I'd choose to stay.