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The Farewell Love Song

The love that I feel for you with words I cannot say
But nothing lasts forever or so 'twould seem that way
You left me without warning and in retrospect I see
That I was rather naive to think that you loved me.

The words I longed to hear 'I love you' to me you never said
Though I had convinced myself that you loved me since my heart ruled my head
I should have read your body language though to my self delusion I did cling
Since you had told me more than once that our relationship was just a fling.

You left me for another a year ago today
And for your lesson in Human feelings in heartache I did pay
But our nights of love making passion I never will forget
And having loved you like I did something I don't regret.

I've been told that you are married you've found true love at last
And I must get on with my life the past forever past
But one thing I've learned from knowing you that for love to be true
That it cannot be felt by one it must be felt by two.

And I will fall in love again all things come to those who wait
And next time I may be lucky I may meet my soulmate
I loved you with a passion the greatest love I knew
And this is the farewell love song that I have penned for you.

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