Zero Gravity

I stumbled upon a place far real than a lonesome dream land
Where no cheer was made out of fairy dust or a magic wand
'If you were here O’ what fun it would be' so did thinketh me
Joys do mount more when two hearts feel and four eyes see

'Come on in stay awhile girl' said and tramped inside the rest
Leaving me stand on this other side bracing the times of test
A sole one at this carnival I will wait here for you at this gate
Together we shall sneak in my friend even if you turn up late

The whistling train will hoot aloud when we go for a jolly ride
Our orbit new will be the whirling giant wheel filled and wide
On the roller coaster lets then spin around for a feel of the air
Ghosts in the scary house will run to meet us the good and fair

We shall climb up the stairs, slip and slide down into the pool
Hold me tight and fear not of the dizzy heights or waters cool
Lets then lift our feet of the ground to the song of a rain tree
To end spinning heads on a merry go round with candies free

Wishes these many toss me back and forth while you are away
Like a frog of storms hops in and around, follows no rules I lay
Dearest would your frisky toes dropp in to make this come true
And pump my soul’s thrust up all high with your gravity its due

Raksha Bhat

by Raksha Bhat

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