Oorvasy is tempting;
Janaky lacks pleasing;
Sakuntala is the both.

Oorvasi lacks love;
Janaky lacks lust;
Sakuntala has the both.

Of oorvasi you’re tired;
Of janaky you’re bored;
Of sakuntala you’re stirred.

You’re mad of oorvasi;
You’re proud of janaky;
You’re glad of sakuntala.

Oorvasi is a waterfall;
Janaky is a pond;
Sakuntala is a river.

Flirt with Oorvasi,
Consort with Janaky,
If not done with Sakuntala

Girls, Mould as Sakuntala
26.04.2002, pakd
[Urvasi is Devas’ beauty, Seetha is virtuous queen and Sakuntal is king’s lovely wom

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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