The Fatal Mistake

Poem By Justin Mata

I'd be careful if I were you
You walk a more dangerous line than you know
Surrounded by cliffs that scream out your name
Where darkness awaits your fatal mistake

You stop for a second, and your mind begins racing
Your knees lock up, and your legs begin shaking
Frozen by fear your mistake becomes clear
You try to stay focused as you fight back your tears

But you know there's no turning back
Deep down you knew this is how it would end
With you on the edge looking down at your fate
Where darkness awaits your fatal mistake

The air’s growing colder, and the sky’s turning black
The rain begins pouring, beating down on your back
A cold gust of wind thrusts you over the edge
Pulls you into the darkness to sleep with the dead

Now watch as the dream melts in front of your eyes
You awake with a yawn and begin to realize
You’ve been given the chance, to escape your fate
To avoid the walk, of pain and hate
An important choice that you must make
For darkness still waits on your fatal mistake

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I love your poem its really good.

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