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The Fate Of Thomas (A Mother's Grief)

Housewives, as the nights, came in
Flocking together, they entered the den
Of the home of the gracious woman named Charlise.
Who opened her home
In this time of grief
To the women in need of mourning.
She held herself tall, not revealing her pain.
For the night before, her lovely son
Thomas, his name,
Had happened across the tracks of the train
His Chevy had stalled at the center of the path.
Charlise had heard the haphazard horns bellow.
She failed to hear the smash of metal-upon-metal,
The fate that befell poor Thomas.
He was only twenty-two.

So now they came, countless in number
Grieving for Charlise, but for themselves too.
For each had read the Gazette early that morning.
That tragic story of a young life taken.
But later they could breathe easily,
Knowing it wasn’t their son, daughter, niece, nephew,
Not this time.
Together they mourned,
They counted their blessings,
Holding loved ones tighter,
For Charlise and themselves
Holding as is forever to life.

by Lauren Prue

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