The Fateful Ride



She sits on her pony, her eyes open wide,
she knows that she's going to go for a ride,
a ride down the canyons of this heart of mine,
to find her a love that will last for all time,
she starts in the sunshine, the morning is warm,
the best day she's had, since she was born,
her heart beats so quickly, just why she's not sure,
she has a feeling she's not had before,
she starts off at a canter, the goes to a lope,
this feeling inside her, is eternal hope,
still she doesn't know it but her future is there,
she'll meet a cowboy with shining black hair,
he'll set her heart to booming, with her love thats inside,
she starts in to blushing, her thrill she can't hide,
she rides for an hour, and gets to the gate,
it's there on his horse that she meets her fate,
he tips his hat and gives her a smile,
she sits there astounded, and looks for a while,
she feels the current, from his eyes to hers,
it draws her to him, her passion it stirs,
all that she sees is a big handsome brute,
he smiles again and thinks she's friggincute,
she met her match, in this handsome man,
she'll stay by his side as long as she can,
through the mountains and valleys, of life they will ride,
always together, they'll be side by side.

written by Harry Bryant �

By Habry

© 2005 Habry (All rights reserved)

by Harry Bryant

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