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The Father And The Son
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

The Father And The Son

Poem By connie crane

They are so beautiful,
The father and the son.
One with beard of golden red,
The other with a head of red,
And a heart that is golden.
One with weathered brow,
And skin darkened by the sun.
The other with milky white skin,
And the fresh beauty of the young.
The same expression, the same face,
The same look in old eyes and young.
Their lips gently parted,
As they look at me
The peace and contentment of just being together,
Is what I see.
Young head against the older shoulder.
Head with less hair leaning on the younger.
When the father looks at his son,
He sees himself as a boy.
When the son looks at his father,
He sees himself as a man.
Yet in this moment,
Both are resting in the hand,
Of their Heavenly Father.
And I, the mother,
See the gift He has given them.

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