The Father Of Many Communications

Father, what must I now do?
I'm a doer of your Word, and a witness to serve.
A follower of you in these perilous times, to be examined from you, Heavenly Divine.
Father, what must I say, when there's everyone whom prays?
The bad wants to hurt the good, because the good is misunderstood.
Your Word is salvation.
For one, we're a different denomination.
Father, you're the Son of Man, with a substance that has the righteous brand.
It's pure as an opened light, that's revealing to my sight.
Father, I know to stand for the truth to help me up my way, this is to be the saint you have put me here to be.
Father, because I see to preach, pattern, and plead my way to you.
You my God, You have promised everyone what you will do.
Father, Lord Jesus, I know we're not here to stay, that's why I look for the eternal-way.

by Cheri Odom

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