JSD (03-02-1969 / Philippines/Australia)

The Father Of My Life

My life begins given me the highest quality,
The vital of physical and mental being.
You let me discover what the world brought
To my life to where I can stand without boundary
To see things eye to eye. You open
My deepest self to reach you in times of
My trouble, deep and wide.

The beauty inside open refreshing my inner
Self awaken my senses, clear my thoughts,
Clean my spirit, you feed my whole I am
Furnish the necessary development of my
Condition self, expanse to the duration of time.
The wavelength of life from distance,
The people, places and things involved in my being.
I feel the vibration of inside
Things there in, pointing my direction.

You satisfied my thoughts and dreams, you
Make things possible. You teach me to look forward
To view the beauty of your creation and make this
Things influence my faith, to see, talk and
Communion with you. You show me the secret of your
Distance through my thoughts feel my heart soul.
I heard your voice from within; I love you
Father, your amazing!

Today and in everyday, you plan the most
Important of my life, I must not worry about it
And leave this things to your hands. Tomorrow,
All that you hold infinite blessing, wisdom
And goodness that I can share to anyone, let it be
Accomplish. I offer my life as a gift in thanksgiving,
prayers, works, joy, and sufferings.
You are my father, the love of my life.

© Jocelyn Dunbar
30 October 2004
7: 25 AM

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