The Father's Gift Of Forgiveness!

Poem By Denis Martindale

The Holy Spirit's been received
By those with thankful hearts,
Who in His Son at first believed,
That's how each new life starts...
Before Christ brought them peace at last,
They struggled day by day,
Till Jesus cleansed their sinful past,
Now in His Name they pray...

And if we pray for pardon, too,
Like children in the wrong,
Let's ask God, 'What would Jesus do? '
In Christ, we all belong...
If not in Christ, how can love show?
In our own strength we lose,
If we're in Christ, we're meant to grow,
So what then, should we choose?

Forgiveness! That's no tiny thing,
It cost God's Son His life,
Despite the fact He was a King,
He suffered shame and strife...
Once we've been born again, dear friends,
Forgiveness, that's the key,
Imparting love that never ends
Because of Calvary...

Denis Martindale, copyright, April 2014.

The Gospel poem was read out on Revelation TV
on the 10th of April 2014 by Lesley Conder
on R Mornings in regard to forgiveness...

The Revelation TV website and watch now details
can be found on Google. Seek and ye shall find...

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