EGA (3231965 / Port of Spain Trinidad)

The Father, The Sun, And The Moon

The Father gazed up at the stars and saw a wondrous sight
There in the heavens blazing better than the Moonlight
His vision so clear
His path it was easygoing this voyage with care
Long before the eons of the Machinations of man
This father had prepared the journey for his son, the master plan
If you veer from the path that I have set for you only gaze at the Moon, she will be there to guide you
This caught the young one who knew that this course was set by purpose and clear heavenly aspirations, down the road he journeyed anew
The thoughts of a colliding universe as it revealed itself
Like many bound books on a dusty shelf
As time grew on the path stared to shift in its course
and there the son found many things that filled him with remorse
The butcher, the baker, the crack alleys, the pimps and side deal makers
The careened and broken lives of those distracted onto the wide avenues of the one who they blamed as the man,
A crutch that would make a staunch christian turn into a sham an illusion the faker
The son saw through all the illusions and facades of these life players
He only had to look at the Sun by day and the Moon by night and believe in his Maker, The Ultimate Caretaker
One day the Sun came to say goodbye to the son
His days were over his battles were done
I have got to go young one keep the torch alive
Shine bright and help to keep the moon in her popular jive
This is the tale of the Father the Sun and the Moon
Hope that I to will see you soon

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