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The Fear Sanction
JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

The Fear Sanction

If you don’t get saved and become a slave
You’ll burn in hell the preacher did tell

You’re rotten, unrighteous and born vile
You belong to the devil, deceived by his vile
Your fate has been decided, no denial
Tried and convicted without a trial

Go to school but don’t make the grade
Can’t get in college, no financial aid
Can’t get the skills and have no trade
Future looks bleak even fear is afraid

Society doesn’t want you
You don’t have the money they are due
You don’t possess what they require
You’re a mistake and object of friendly fire

Ya spend yo whole life living in dread and fear
Controlled and manipulated by the austere
Help is not allowed to interfere
Life and living is no hope, death won’t appear

Living up to your mentor’s measure
Don’t enjoy yourself and receive pleasure
Be a carbon copy, shallow imitation
Spend yourself as just a fountain of information

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