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The Feeling.

And there is a perfect moment, when we sit at the bottom and be,
There are no words to complicate, there is only you and there is only me.
By your feet there is confetti, that symbolises nothing, it is just there.
There is just an impulse that throbs like a heart beat, the constancy of reality.
And the peering eyes overlook, every whisper heard.
Some people are what they will always be.
Let those guys practice on the pretty girls.
I have forgotten to care.
There is no rope to set me free, to wrap my throat around because there is only you and there is only me.
I walk bare foot along the line and if I stumble let them know that I am safe within your arms.
To fear this is to be afraid but I fear this the most.

by Livi Topley

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so haech so brilent i love it