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The Feeling Inside
DW ( / Gray, LA)

The Feeling Inside

Poem By Douglas Williams

Lonely and depressed,
feeling down and out.
Always being stressed,
with no release about.

What causes this to be?
Who is at fault here?
There is something I fail to see,
and clearly hear.

No one to listen,
no one to talk to.
No advice given,
and none returned to you.

As I move around,
the black cloud follows.
Look at the misfortune I've found,
don't think I've ever been this low.

Look at me,
I hide it so well.
A happy disposition is all you see,
thinking my life is just swell.

Were you ever wrong,
I could be much better.
It's been too long,
since I've had more.

Take a long hard look,
and tell me I'm alright.
Look under the cover of the book,
and see the pain and the fight.

Within myself,
a battle rages.
One too large to be felt,
without being in the same stages.

Don't try to say I'm happy,
if we both know I'm not.
Don't try to put it delicately,
just tell me I don't have a lot.

Don't play games with my mind,
or with my fragile heart.
Don't be too kind,
or any of that sort.

Look at my eyes,
then my face.
See the feelings arise,
and see my place.

Know me, love me,
just be near me.

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Comments (3)

we all go through the same thing sometimes. that's one reason why i write poems. to get rid of the blues.
I can feel the pain you are trying to depict. Regards, Lucy
'The Feeling Inside' has been felt and will be nourished. Nice poem.