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The Female Psyche (Revised)
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Female Psyche (Revised)

Poem By Margaret Alice Second

I’m too heavy to ride the flimsy new wooden
chairs forwards with a bang you pointed out;
knowing its true angered then saddened me,
hating you, though I preach forgiveness and
respect yet can’t stand criticism, as if my

Self-esteem depends on your opinion of me;
it’s bizarre, weight can’t dictate how to deal
with my environment - I hate the beautiful
new wooden table and chairs while this has
nothing to do with them - every time we fall

Prey to emotional upset our physical system
is weakened; 80-year old mom’s kept young
by music in her veins; I’m livened by words,
iambic pentameter lines my poetry-studying
son says - though I doubt my expression

Merits this description, writing only helps me
cope - I’m emotionally fooling myself to think
self-esteem depends on weight - oh no - of
course it does, since this is just the way the
female psyche operates…

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Comments (2)

Do not let criticism from others be the true weight that you carry...I think there is nothing more beautiful than an obese heart! Your poem speaks to everyone who has been hard on themselves and has been the victim of hard words. Quite simply, be your own kinda beautiful. PEACE
Steady, strong and true each and every poem that you write is enjoyed by all I know it's true.....iip