The Female Soldier

She said she was ready to give her all,
to die for her country so she answered the call,
she had her basic, then went to a school,
then off she did go to the motor pool,
there she trained more, to be the best she could be,
then they shipped her, far across the sea,
she never thought about not coming back,
until she landed in Baghdag, Iraq,
even then she was not afraid,
she did her job, and then she prayed,
not for herself, but for her friends,
and for her country to soon make amends,
to this small country, they did invade,
just to put G.W. Bush there on parade,
the coalition he was supposed to make,
said he could do it alone, for his own sake,
so now she is there giving her all,
she still isn't sorry she answered the call,
though many tell her she should go home,
she knows that there, she is not all alone,
there is the peace still to be won,
she wonders how the job will be done,
with the bad guys, keeping the fighting alive,
sometimes she prays that she will survive,
then one day while out on patrol,
a bomb went off, sent her jeep out of control,
she felt the shrapnel go deep in her side,
she knew she was wounded, but she never cried,
she saw her friends all on the ground,
some of their parts were never found,
they were all gone, she was the last one alive,
help better hurry for her to survive,
then from out of nowhere a medic was there,
patching her wounds and giving her care,
many weeks later on a medical leave,
they had given her the best care, that she could receive,
still not a bad word she never said,
she was alive, her friends were all dead,
she went back home, while her wounds healed,
people asked questions, but her lips were sealed,
she is a soldier right to the end,
she will still answer the call, for all of her friends.

written by Harry Bryant
10/5/04 3: 37: 40 PM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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