The Feminine Beauty Is Sacred

A woman will always be beautiful
But a man can simply be handsome
Imitation is a nice way to pay homage
Bring the wine, bring the fromage
To celebrate, let’s be grateful
To the Almighty who lives in Rome
In Mecca, in Palm, in Baltimore
Let’s show respect and give honor
To the Creator who can never err
God created man for many good reasons
God knows why there are four seasons
Only a woman, a female can give birth
The others can gently wish, dream and surf
The Almighty knows everything
He’s probably making fun of the imitators
Who cannot make the real thing
God gave limited knowledge to the doctors
For many essential reasons
The God of all seasons
Will always triumph
Ignore the nerds, the nymph
Give praise to God
Blow kisses to Aphrodite
God will always be the light
A lady will never walk like a lad.

by Hebert Logerie

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