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The Fence Of This Life

Oh God! Here upon life's fence I stand
And my eyes towards the horizon land
Alas! There glazes my story so true
But the Footsteps of Christ within I fail to view.
Why should this be! It is a picture so strange
For within the sacred walls I always range
This picture proves that my life is in vain
For redemption from this fence I cannot gain.
Lord! Please call me like Saul so that I could quickly descend
And the light of Paul through me will ascend
For the fence of this life only appears to be strong
But it is firmly supported by pillars of wrong.
Now through God's mercy I stand on life's base
And towards His sacred walls I will continue to race
Yes! The footsteps of Christ I will always try to find
So goodness will always flow from my mind.
The road through which I tread is sometimes rough
For the Sacred Laws seem to be tough
But to Travel through it is not impossible
For the Footsteps of Christ make the way passable.
That fence Oh Lord before me will always rise
And even its ladder will be decked with earthly prize
But strengthen me Lord that I should not remount
For no true blessing on that fence I could count.

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