The Fences

To the dull and the spoiled,
-Affection sings.
The bright and desperate,
-Her kisses sting,
-----Your kisses sting.

Scant dealings are coy,
-Adorned in hard ink.
Sweat, turning her over,
-'I don't care what you think! '

True, when measured for touch,
-Mute girls are much,
Better than verbally,
-Nervously and
-----Vocally crutched.

Is prescribed Carnal love
-Some manifest sin?
A degrading of giants,
-A grating defeat,
-----Disguised as a win?

Till true love seeks me out,
-I'll rely on my senses,
I'll balance my feelings,
-Rope-walk on the barbed-wire;
-----Controlled by the fences.

by R.J. Bevans

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