The Festival Of Light

A Cornish misty summer morning surrounded by excited company,
We were ready at last, cases packed and a 'andsome dinner time pasty,
waiting for the bus to take us on the first part of our journey
to the ten-day "Festival of Light," to be held in Brittany.

Our own Male Voice Choir was to take part
during the Celebration, among a thousand other Celts
A throng of Galicians, Irish, Welsh, Scots and French.
There to perform in various art, craft and sports events.

We picked up a Tug-of-War team on our way,
they were never much fun especially when they lost.
The tennis - team however were marry and gay,
when they won their finals, we all rejoiced!

There were bands, dancers, singers, sports and chess teams.
you name it they were there,
All creative people with flair and dreams
meeting together, exchanging ideas and learning to share.

Over a thousand Celts were fed each day,
by charming student Chefs, at the Palais de Congress where,
it was a wonderful friendly time to promote the way,
of Understanding, the idea of Peace, "No more War!"

by Doreen Dower

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