The Feud

The seasons argued late one night,
On who would be the best,
They fought for hours just to be,
The one above the rest.

Spring and Autumn said they were,
But Summer shot them down,
He told them all that Summer was
The hottest thing around.

Winter sat back quietly and
Slowly shook her head,
She let them finish equally, and
On her turn she said,

“Which of you can claim to be
A season all your own?
There are qualities within you each
You pass around on loan.”

“For I have stars of diamonds
Taken from the cold night sky,
And freely place them in my coat,
For people passing by,

Frigid lovers huddle close,
Beneath my calming storm,
And whisper they have never known
Their love to feel so warm”

The seasons bowed out gracefully
For each remembered love,
And times when they were huddled close,
With calming storm above

by Lee McVicar

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Comments (3)

I liked this one, too, Lee. But I thought there could have been more of an argument/debate between all the seasons before the finale. Good though, wonderful idea. Love, Fran xx
What a teriffic concept for a poem! I love it! And i like winters too, especially cuddling up under a blanket and sleepign for hours on end, . hehe Preets
Nice imaginary fued Lee, liked the poem even though i don, t like winter.