The Field Of Battle

The Deed of Blood is o'er!
And, hark, the Trumpet's mournful breath
Low murmurs round it a Note of Death—
The Mighty are no more!

How solemn slow that distant Groan!—
O, could AMBITION, wild with fear,
The deep prophetic Warning hear,
And, looking, listning vain around
For one soul-soothing, softer sound,
While near, unseen, the Fiends of Hell
Toll round the wretch his fancied Knell,
Rave all alone!

But, hark, soft Plaints arise!—
Friendship, adieu; farewel, soft Love!
I go to smiling Peace above:—
The Friend, the Lover dies!

Yet, happy Soul to Freedom giv'n,
Go where no proud tyrannic Lord
Drives Man upon his Brother's sword;
Where Angels from thine arms shall tear
The Chains AMBITION bade thee wear;
Where, on the once pale Cheek of Woe,
In Smiles immortal, Roses blow—
The Bloom of Heav'n!

by James Henry Leigh Hunt

Comments (5)

The gift of humanity poured out like waste upon the ground in the name of Ambition and Pride. How much death and destruction might be avoided if humanity was willing to set down ambition in favor of goodwill to fellow man. Great work, and powerful contemplation.
The devastation and loss of lives of even dear ones in war due to ambition of a few has been marvelously portrayed in this great poem with equally great moral. Thanks for sharing it here.
wow, honestly this is a very good poem. This proves your talent (smiles)
Uneasy! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
No friend or lover they know of going to war to die sure as dictated by their war lords! The most inhuman act of mankind war is to be eliminated as pestilence sure!