The Fields Are White

Oh Lord there’s yet so much to do
Through all You’ve had to give
Others I see have need of You
Yet fail to know You live

You’ve saved this child from death and hell
In faith I walk Your way
But others need to know as well
They need to know today!

To them the devil’s lord and king
They thrive where evil rules
To Satan’s tune they dance and sing
Believing Christ’s for fools

They need to know the truth of Christ!
That life on earth will end
Why Heaven's Lamb was sacrificed
Why knees to Him should bend

The devil though will cheat and kill
Through sin I too was lost!
But now I’m free to do Your will
However high the cost

There are no streets of gold about
No special place refined
Just houses plagued with fear and doubt
With spiritual deaf and blind

How can their eyes be made to see?
The truth so rich on earth
Receive the Light that shines in me?
That leads to second birth

I choose in Christ to join the fight
No longer can I hide
Your precious wheat so tall and white
Must now be brought inside…

by Michael P. Johnson

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