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The Fields I Strolled Upon...
BM (12/05/1995 / Kolkata)

The Fields I Strolled Upon...

Poem By Baidurya Mukherjee

Everyday I strolled through the fields
When My day was done
I went there to have solitude,
After the day's joy, sorrow and fun...

The fields I went to
Was A really great place,
All around, there were trees!
And sweet Breeze blowing against the face.

By The time I reached the spot,
The sun would already set,
And darkness would slowly invade
By every minute late!

I wished I could go there by the morn,
'cause I often wished to see
How the Green lushes of fields,
In morn, would look to me!

But I doubt about that chance yet,
As nobody wants me to go to school late,
So I always have to go there In the evening,
When the blazing sun would set.

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Comments (3)

Love, enjoy and live with nature! Nature is Godly and blesses all those who worship her- even strolling is worship of nature!
Baidurya, there is a freshness in this poem you only get through innocent eyes. Wonderful poem and like everyone else has said you must keep writing as you have a great talent for it. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David
A child enjoying the wonders of nature. Very nice! I enjoy writing about fields. Something very fresh and special about them. Keep writing and sharing your work. Marilyn