Broken Friendship

Broken Friendship

I gave it an end, no, you did it…
wait a second! That’s not relevant.
What it matters is …
there’s no bond that can keep you and I together anymore.

I question myself frequently,
what if I had done things differently?
I get another question as a reply,
what if you had treated me differently?

And, let me tell you, it’s hard for me to accept
the friendship one day you and I shared is over.
This is a turmoil, sometimes I feel completely lost.

I would have never imagine
I would felt this way; I feel hurt.
The common saying “ there’s always a first time”
Unfortunately, turns to be true for me.

Oh Gosh, What an agony!
Our souls have been divided, and
they will not be put together.

There’s no place for me in your heart anymore,
yet the place for you in my heart have been reserved.
That empty place is still waiting for you
to come and take possession of.
It is your decision,
take it or let it go!

by Sofi Martinez

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