MG (22nd September / London)

The Fifth Wheel

In a world full of people, why are some alone?
I'm surrounded.
Those two are in love
And so are those two
Together they laugh
I try to see their humour,
Try to find some consolation
But it's never easy
Because I'm one the outside
I'm looking in through misted glass
Why am i there?
Surplus to requirements
I'm just the fifth wheel
And I'm going nowhere

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Well you are going somewhere with this poetry Mickie! We all feel surplus to requirements at some time or another, my time is coming up fast! being mum of three teenage boys can be a lonely place too. The title here reminds me of what my late husband used to say after we had kids, 'fifth class and travelling on the roof' it came from our travels in India where people do travel on the roof. He was speaking in terms of getting my attention because I was overwhelmed by children. I hope that wheel falls off and your journey is a much smoother one. I am enjoying your writing, keep going, smiling at you, TAi