The Fight Within

My mind is clouded by demented thoughts
My brain rots, pierced open with gun shots
I bottle my anger, its the only way to stay sane
I'm really insane, I was never really like this, HELP I THINK I SWALLOWED SOME CHLORDANE!
Or was it champagne? A little too much and things out of hand
I'm in my own dreamland, the ground becomes moist I'm sinking in quicksand
I grip my face sinking my nail in my head
Blood dripping, I awake in my sickbed
Instead, of being alone I'm surrounded by the locos in the luney bin
My world begins to spin, I worry for no reason
I'm depressed, the fact that I can't express my feelings weigh the stress-
More on me, it feels like people are trying to ingress in my head and possess me
I'm more of a loner, give me my space to fight my own demons
I'll find my own beacon, I'll reunite with myself within the up-coming seasons

by Anonymous Jay

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powerful images Jay Shaun