AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

The Final Act

Screeching screams.
Sirens blaring out.
Someone knows just what I'm trying to do.
But the pills I alreay swallowed.
It was with grate ease.

Then comes the whirlwind of a spin.
And all your head will do is spin.
You know just what you want.
You want death not life.
You just want a means to an end.

But some fall finds out.
Ambulance and police arrive.
Knocking at the door.
Bludy idiots think I'll answer the thing.
Its the final act I want my death.

They knock once more.
I hope they've gone away.
Next I no the door flys through.
In the they come.
Its not oo late.
Off to the hospital she goes.
It was to be final act
But this time it wasnt to be

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And it is good they broke in the door, or it may have been the final act. Amy I love you like my little sister, and I do not want anything bad to happen to you. You are so young, with a full life ahead of you. I am hoping that somewhere down the line you will let a therapist help you, and you will listen to her, and when you have a problem you can't solve, call her and let her know, and maybe she'll have you come in...but whatever Amy, please TRY to restrain yourself from ending your life, or cutting your body to shreds. I want you to be safe. It doesn't matter anymore who knows you're cutting or not. What does matter is that you can say F**k them, and live YOUR life. I have refused to live everyone else's life, because they told me this is how I am SUPPOSED to be. I don't give a rats a**, because I WILL be me, and I WILL live my own life, not anyone else's. Stay strong Amy, because it is in our strength that we can heal. Hugs & kisses oxoxoxoxox Barbara 'If I have to be this girl in me, Then I have the right to be.'