The Final Bell

Poem By Robert Murray Smith

Who gives a toss about death?
It has no regard for anyone
sans breath. Creeping up and
smothering life, it is the mirth
of day and night. Know it and
laugh without despair.

Frightening those unaware beacause
it's always so near. Those not
in the know need not fear. At birth,
we all were going to be declared.

As a fact of life, why give yourself
strife. Every life must go, to where
we know. The religious have read books
showing the death nook. Atheists, laugh
at the death knell knowing that was the
final bell.

Comments about The Final Bell

Death is an ineluctable reality! No one can escape it! The atheists see it as the final bell, but those who hold on to faith see death as a great beginning! I prefer to belong to the latter group! A well composed poem!
A sad poem A poem of death Reality is we don't know all we are sure of and have faith in is that death comes to believers and unbelievers in equal measure. There is such silence in death. Enjoyed the philosophy of this poem.
Individuals deals with death according to their own whips and wimps yet they all bow down when death or final call. Thoughtful. 10***

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3,7 out of 5
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