The Final Day Of Judgment (Pompeii)

Dark clouds fast-flying
Red, gray and black fog
Raining rocks with flames
Burning flesh and bones
Singing the song of the dead
Long, loud and scary
Like it was a lake of fire
Filled with amorphous silhouettes

The ground shook so hard
Bursting up randomly, so rough
Tearing down the stone walls,
The mighty pillars of the arena,
Deep, long running cracks,
Sinking with it the history of city,
Bearing names of the legends
The brave gladiators of Pompeii

To see and not hope,
To fear and not be scared,
But rather live on the last day
Stealing every second there is
While battling the angel of death
Bringing with him the wrath of gods
And taking as many souls possible
On the final day of judgment

by Kayanja Ronald Edwin

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