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The Final Days

Death, Hell, Choas and Fear,
Things that will draw very near,
The end of time is on it's way,
For it could come at any day,

For those who do not know,
They will never have any greater woe,
The exstince of hell is not fake,
If you seen it you would defently shake.

We who know need to spread the word,
To they who have never heard,
To save them from hell's flame,
That has temptation of Fortune & Fame.

We belivers will leave this place behind,
And go to heaven were we will find,
The streets there are paved with gold,
And god will reward us for our faith so bold.

I can't wait for that day,
When no fear or hate comes our way,
The day we can live peacefully,
All throughtout eternity.

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This is good, Dan. I see that you have picked up the topic of the world's condition as well. Good job. Very well done.