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The Final Goal
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

The Final Goal

The day I was born
I knew,
Iam not like others
I may look like them
But I am not one of them
Since the world made me realise
I am inferior to them
For what they can do
Cannot be done by me
As I am less than them

My world-My family and friends
My eye opener
My guide
Who thinks I am a curse to them
An embarassement to them
A shame to them
Gave me courage
To confront the reality
That no matter wherever I go to seek help
I'll always stand in the place where I stood before
Since to the world
I am known as a retard
According to whom I am insane
And mentally unfit
Even though my mother thinks
Iam not what the world thinks me to be
But I know what I am
What I can do
And what I cannot do
For I know Iam not like the rest

Eversince my childhood
I have been the skateboard of the millions
Regardless, their mocking gestures
Hostility and misbehaviour
There was one thing common in their eyes
That not only made me feel inferior
To the inhuman butchers
Who knows nothing
Apart from killing one's hopes and dreams
Mirrored me
As an allien
As though I am something whom they have never seen
And should be put in the museum
Since I am the sufferer of dyslexia
I promise you all
Inspite of my drawbacks
Inspite of my hardships
And inspite of my pain
That boosts my heart to be a rock
To hit back the obstacles
In my way
To reach the goal
To prove myself one day
To be better than you all
Superior than you all,
There will be a time
A day,
When I'll look down upon you all
While you'll all look upon me
Just the way you see me today
For time what it is waits for none
And history what it is
That never forgets to repeat

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Rudyard Kipling


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amazing poem... narrative, hear-felt, great flow..presenting the views of self as well as reflecting the outlook of society. a beauty indeed! ! ! ! great work...