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With Her
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With Her

Poem By marty webb

The Final Goodbye
Time after time we have to say the final goodbye
To someone we deeply care about
Time after time we have to pay our last respect to the dead
Is there a lesson to be learnt
Is it the pain of everlasting departure
Or the gain of joy that we
Showed love and care
While you were there
Is that the lesson to be learnt
I feel a sense of emptiness now that you are gone
And after all has been said and done
I know that this life must still go on
I loved you
I respected you
I was privileged to share precious moments with you
I miss you
You are bigger than a princess
In my eyes you were the queen
But I am happy because
I am taking away beautiful memories of you
That's the lesson you have taught me
With this I say the Final Goodbye
Goodbye my Dear

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A deeply heartfelt poem brimming with love. A rare achievement