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The Final One. Goodbye My Love

It's my first birthday without you here
I really don't want to face this year
You made me me and kept me sane
But now you're gone and already I've changed

I drink now and I smoke too
I never smile and I always feel blue
I'm always sad and I just want to die
I still don't understand why we had to say goodbye

It's seemed like forever since the day you died
Though only months have left us behind
I've changed so much, I wonder if you have too
Are you still the same girl who said 'I love you'

Or are you as heartless and soulless as me?
Do you dream of your death, Do you wish to bleed?
Whether it's made me cry, whether it's made me sad
Those nine months with you were the best I ever had

I don't want to live without your smiling face
I don't want to think about the last face you made
I just want to forget it all and try and smile
But it's too hard to do and it's just not my style

I want to laugh and find someone new to love
But I don't think I can when you tore my heart in half
'Cause you still have the other piece
It's not your's anymore, I can't love the deceased

We can't be together anymore, We have to face that fact
So I'm writing this to ask for that piece back
Please forgive me for wanting to move on
But I just want to be happy just once more

I want to smile, I want to laugh, I don't want to cry
I want to be happy, have someone new in my life
So this is it, This is my exstange my love
Take this instead of that worthless broken heart

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Rudyard Kipling


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