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The Finding
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The Finding

Poem By alejandro bernardo

Where in this realm
Lie my true accounts?
Where in this cold earth
My spirit could be found?

Residing inside this niche
Not enough force, still surfaces
These uncertainties sometimes reach
Known and eyed in harsh places.

To amplify these true hopes
Is but not a fame.
For men’s injustice envelopes
This world of harshness and shame.

To be real, to be unfeigned
Soon an engraved dream
Unearthed, covered, remained
The only petition is not to stream.

Where in this dark realm
Lie my truer accounts?
Where in this cruel savage earth
My bold spirit could be found?

Those who can hear, feel and see
Air to me your desire to set me free
This bondage must soon flee
That my life be content as it should be

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