The Fine Line

I tripped over a fine wire in the annals of our time.
I heard beautiful music, the organ and the chime.
I walked the path to Heaven, and felt the closeness of the Lord.
I put away my earthly armor, gave an angel there my sword.
I stood at a radiant gate and waited for awhile,
A man with glowing raiment greeted me with a smile.
Were you called, my dear friend, to meet me at the gate?
I tripped over a wire, I came over to this side.
Is it the end of my sojourn there? Are you my heavenly guide?
The man spoke not a word to me, but gently took my hand.
My earthly world was over, I had pled the blood of the lamb.
I walked with the angel of Heaven who had met me at Heaven's door.
I will go now straight to Jesus, whom I will evermore adore.

by Bette Ziakin

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